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Advanced technical knowledge in the field of sales, is required a variety of product knowledge. It is essential in order to respond to user needs, training inside and outside the company, the introduction of the education system, such as seminar participants, all because of this aim. We are creating a unique system that was integrated manufacturing and sales and technology and sales.

Service 1

Electric hoist more than 0.5t hanging, crane to use the electric chain block, safety rules in the periodic inspection (monthly inspection and annual inspection) have is mandatory.
Experienced serviceman of Kamiuchi will protect your company's crane.

Service 2

We will receive the repair and inspection at the sales office in Japan. Listen to the state of the crane, we rushed to quickly crane maintenance professional serviceman.

Service 3

We can supply all the parts related to hoist crane. Established a parts center in Ayabe factory, we will respond promptly.

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