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Site Usage Conditions matters

 We are for the document and the contents of this Web site, I do not do any security such as accuracy, usefulness and safety. We are paying a confirmation note with respect to the published information, but may become information is old, you might have wrong at the time it was viewed. In addition, the accuracy of such access can be data throughout this Web site we do not take any responsibility.
 We take the protection measures related to computer viruses, but does not guarantee that this information is not infected with a computer virus.
 We can not assume responsibility for damages directly or indirectly caused by the use of information obtained from the use and the linked of other Web site of this site.
 The use of the Web site, please use the responsibility of the users themselves. We would appreciate it if you contact us if you know of any trouble event in this Web site.
 The content and information and configuration and the URL of the Web site might be changed or revised without prior notice.
 The use of the Web site will be compliant interpretation in Japanese laws and regulations.

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Prohibited matter

  •  About the use of this Web site, and then prohibit the following acts.
  • - Third party or the Company, its affiliates, and slander or intimidation to those officers or employees.
  • - The act of giving a disadvantage or damage to a third party or the Company, or its possible action.
  • - Acts impair the credit and grade of our company and our Web site, and its possible action.
  • - Acts that lead to crime or crime, or fear of some act that.
  • - Acts that violate laws and regulations or ordinances, or its potential act.
  • - Any other activities that the Company deems inappropriate.

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About Export Control

 If you export the technology and program or product has been described in this Web site (or provided to non-residents), please comply with the "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law" other applicable law.

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Trademarks of other companies

Adobe, Adobe logo is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Microsoft, Windows Media is a trademark or registered trademark in the United States and other countries of United States Microsoft Corporation. Other company names and product names described each of the company's name, trademarks or registered trademarks.
 Incidentally, in each of the content, the information takes precedence if individual link to the content indicated or if it trademark is indicated.

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