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Before installing the hoist crane

Please check the conditions of use and use environment.

1. Capacity, Rated load
What tons of lifting capacity?
2. Lifting height
Lifting height What meters?
3. Usage environment
Indoor or outdoor?
4. How to use
Up and down work or up, down, left and right of the work, or up and down north, south, east and west of work?
5. Span
Span (the distance between the centers of the running rail) What meters?
6. Hoisting
It is with a very slow speed or inverter system?
7. Traverse
Electric rampant? Manual rampant? Or inverter rampant?
8. Traveling
Electric travel? Manual traveling? Or inverter system?
9. Method of operation
Push-button system? Or wireless operation system?
10. Power supply
What bolt? Which Is the frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz?

※ Rating weight indicates the maximum load that can hoist handled.
Load that exceeds the law is not allowed absolutely. In addition, normal load in order to get long-term safe use is the best 50-60% of the rated load.
※ head is the height of the lifting of luggage.
Please choose your size when the hook is attached to the ground. The hoist drum in the lowest position it is necessary to remain Volume 2 or more.

For special use conditions

1. For different voltage
All standard power supply 3-phase 200 V 50 / 60Hz and voltage other than 220 volts 60Hz will be a special treat.
2. For the specified operating voltage
If the voltage specification of less than if and 200V of different voltage requires a transformer.
3. For use environment
Indoor use is standard. In the case of outdoor requires a hangar. Although mild dust-proof is sufficient compatible with standard specification, if you have any acid or water vapor will be special specification, please contact us. In addition, the explosion-proof do not do production.
4. The speed change
If you require fast or slow change is required models.
5. Stationary type
It is separately produced a stationary type that can be used as a winch.
6. Other
Hand trolley, also it is production chain trolley type.
In the long head type we have standardized to 45m. (Double rail form 36m)

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In order to safe use

Selection of models

Please go on the check the specifications of the description when selecting models.
Please contact us if you are different from the specifications described.

  • - Please do not use in other than the rated voltage.
  • - Duty factor, the use of more than the starting frequency Please do not absolutely.

For installation

Installation please do not do absolutely except those who are professional and specialized knowledge.

  • - Please do not installed in the regulations other than the environment, such as take a rain or water to hoist and saddle motor.
  • - Please do the ground work always.
  • - Please be sure to attach the stopper to the rail end to rampant and traveling.
  • - Please make sure that there is enough strength in case of installing the hoist.
  • - As well as a crane, in the case of producing a rampant rail of more than lifting load 3t of Teruha requires a crane manufacturing license.
  • - Remodeling to products and accessories, please do not absolutely.

For regulations on the use

Please do not absolutely because the following use is prohibited by law.

  • - Use of a load that exceeds the rated load
  • - Boarding to the suspended load
  • - Working under the suspended load

※ Please use Before use on that is always familiar with the notes of the instruction manual.

For periodic inspection

Please conduct periodic inspections in order to get with the use of hoist crane safely.
If it is inspected monthly, annual, please contact our sales representative.
If there is an abnormal part in the maintenance and inspection, please immediately repair.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the sales office near you or "Contact us, Material request".

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