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Business creed

"Sincerity" is sincere heart. Mind that I think important.
Kamiuchi Electric Works is shared with all employees to cherish the "sincerity", will strive to supply of superior products and services that can contribute to society.
We are not pursuing the only enterprise-wide, aims to be a company that is recognized the existence value of the customer and market.

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Business Policy

Kamiuchi will research and develop a new next-generation transport system.

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Company Profile


Representative Kenzaburo Kamiuchi
Founding September 2, 1927
Capital 97,000,000 yen
Employee 90
House bank Mizuho Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, The Kita Osaka Shinkin Bank
Business Description Manufacture and sale and maintenance of transport equipment
Major product (product information) Hoist, hoist cranes, transport system, general equipment

Head Office

Head Office

Ayabe factory

Ayabe factory

Factory Sites & Buildings

(Head Office) 1,380 sq.m / 560 sq.m
(Ayabe factory) 47,600 sq.m / 9,180 sq.m

Member organizations

The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association (JEMA) / Japan Crane Association (JCA) /
Osaka Prefectural Manufacturing & Industrial Association

engineering guidance

Satoshi Oda, Ph.D (Fukuyama University, Faculty of Engineering)

Crane manufacturing license

Kyoto Labor Bureau Ayabe factory

Builders permit

Transport and Tourism Permit General-5212 Machinery and equipment installation Contractors


Sep, 1927 To start the electrical machinery manufacturing and sales business in Osaka.
Jun, 1951 Organizational changes to Corporation.
Sep, 1953 For the first time start a professional production of hoist crane in Japan.
Dec. 1956 Take the patent of tire-drive system of the suspension crane, resulting in a shakeup in the running system of the crane.
Apr, 1964 Ayabe factory opened. Full-scale production start of large-scale hoist.
Jan, 1970 Manufacturing construction department opened in Tokyo branch.It was to strengthen the service system.
Feb, 1974 Delivered gondola crane for aircraft maintenance at Narita Airport.
May. 1985 Integrate Osaka factory in Ayabe factory, to achieve the centralization of production.
Mar. 1993 The construction of a special crane test tower to the Ayabe factory.
Jul. 2011 ISO9001 certified.
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